Friday, October 26, 2012

Helpful Guide to Voting in Michiana.

While most of us go into the voting booth already knowing who we are going to vote for, because let's face it, we are, mostly, all tools of party politics.  You are either a democrat(asshole) or a republican(asshole), despite whether or not you identify yourself as such.

From my own experience most democrats openly identify themselves as "independents".  Of course these folk (the democrats I run into) have mostly been the cliche college know it all types.  Freshly resentful of their Christian upbringing and thus still actively rebellious towards it (Christianity).  Back in my liberal arts school days I would on a daily basis hear phrases like "I am not religious, but I am very spiritual" and "I do not identify mysel with any political party, I am an independent", followed by intense verbal circle jerking about how much more enlightened they are compared to ignorant Republicans.

Republicans on the other hand seem to be much more proud of their party affiliation for some reason.  I can not say I have ever really spent much time around one, but all one has to do is listen to the local talk radio station to get a good idea of the cliche Republican.  I would recommend listening to the Glenn Beck show to hear the most radical of Republicans, as they are very prone to call into Glenn Beck, often in tears, sobbing about how they feel the Christian nation they love is being destroyed by godless communists (Obama(blacks)).  They certainly seem to dislike black folk, but to be fair, I believe they are referring mostly to rap/ghetto/whatever culture, which certainly puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to the younger demographic since mostly young people (suburban white post-teenagers) identify themselves with rap/ghetto/whatever culture (young people are stupid).

Ok enough ranting....   after all I am a deeply religious guy (though not at all spiritual).  For yall who are still confused about which dickhole politician you want to vote for I have just become aware of a very helpful guide to voting based on FACTS...  or whatever.

I hate politics/democracy so much... 

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