Monday, August 20, 2012

JB's Corner Episode 5: Tea Party Billboard

Please excuse my unexplained 2 month absence, I have been out of the country on a secret assignment (i.e hiding in a closet in the basement).  So how about that billboard in Elkhart eh?  Disgusting as the sign is, it was not the tea parties first choice...
The Grog was able to get insider information on the brainstorming session that went down in Marshal/Fulton county for ideas for a billboard:

"Obama is a terrorist, This November voters will go all Navy Seal on him!"
"Why is a Muslim president?  Lets get em boys!"
"Never Forget:  12.7, 9.11, Obama becoming president"
"Obama is Black, Never Forget!"
"Communism didn't work for Russia, so why does Obama think it will here?"
"Obama is the greatest threat to this nation,  don't ask how please!"
"Osama = Obama"
"Would you vote for Hitler?  Then why would you vote for Obama, dummy?
"Obama is a nazi"
"This November we tell Obama "Go back to Mexico!"
Hooters / UFC sign instead
"France OWES us!"
"France is gay"
"If you vote for Obama. you are gay!"
"Romney/Ryan 2012"
"Palin/Backmann 2012"

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  1. Nicely done video J.A.! (FYI, billboard and Bachmann were misspelled) Hope to see you again this Friday.