Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grog @ Outback Steakhouse

For my wife's birthday I let her take me to her favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, home of authentic Australian cuisine like their famous Victoria Filet, which is a filet cooked in a special fashion that is very popular in the Australian state of Victoria, where they are famous for their filets.

I have never been to Australia and I know very little about it.  I think it was originally "discovered" by a Dutchman during Hollands golden age (Mid 16th century to late 17th century (yeah, the Dutch had a golden age)) and it was pretty much left alone by the Europeans until the early 19th century.

The English had acquired Australia sometime in the 18th century but it was not until their loss of the 13 North American colonies that the English really started to pay attention and develop Australia (also, as we all know, the island was being used as a penal colony).

Well that is my 2nd grade history lesson on Australia, the stuff everyone knows.  But did you know that there were humans inhabiting Australia before the white man came?  These peoples were called aborigines, or at least that is what the white man calls them, aborigines is just a word that denotes people as "original inhabitants" of a certain geographic area.  I am sure these aborigines have real names, but white cares not to know them ;(.

The Australian Country Fried Mushrooms are my favoritetest country fried mushrooms!!!!     Jump it

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