Wednesday, May 16, 2012

birthday of the grog

366 (because of leap year?) days ago I posted the first crappy grog post.  My therapist suggested I start a grog to help confront my feelings or something stupid like that.  I ignored him about that suggesting as i did most of what he said to me (he is an asshole), but last spring JB talked me into signing up for a super-fun-happy European excursion, so I did since it sounded like it would be great and stuff.  I wanted to be able to set up something like a blog for me mum so I could to tell her about where I am at and show pictures and stuff.  

Later that spring semester I found out that a student can rent a camera from the school library.  I got a B.A (or whatever) in digital editing in my first bout with college and i figured i should try filming stuff around the town i lived in so i do not forget how to edit and all the other basics, plus it would be fun.

So yeah, thank you everyone
parents, the occupals, J.B, Derek, Shannon, Christine, LJ, Love, Baby, Matt Heckamen (of course)  whoever and everyone else (it is late and I have been crying for some time now,    thank you for humoring my stupid hobby.

190 in 366 days is alright for just one lousy schmuck...  ;(

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