Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby's First Walk With papa

birthday of the grog

366 (because of leap year?) days ago I posted the first crappy grog post.  My therapist suggested I start a grog to help confront my feelings or something stupid like that.  I ignored him about that suggesting as i did most of what he said to me (he is an asshole), but last spring JB talked me into signing up for a super-fun-happy European excursion, so I did since it sounded like it would be great and stuff.  I wanted to be able to set up something like a blog for me mum so I could to tell her about where I am at and show pictures and stuff.  

Later that spring semester I found out that a student can rent a camera from the school library.  I got a B.A (or whatever) in digital editing in my first bout with college and i figured i should try filming stuff around the town i lived in so i do not forget how to edit and all the other basics, plus it would be fun.

So yeah, thank you everyone
parents, the occupals, J.B, Derek, Shannon, Christine, LJ, Love, Baby, Matt Heckamen (of course)  whoever and everyone else (it is late and I have been crying for some time now,    thank you for humoring my stupid hobby.

190 in 366 days is alright for just one lousy schmuck...  ;(

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby's First Mother-Day!

We promised ourselves we would not cry when this day came....  so we didn't.  Well I did not, but mum did a little.

Jump for babys first mothers day adventure pics.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dorito Taco grog

This week we finally took the plunge (well actually i tried making a dorito taco video about 3 times but they all fell through :(  ) and tested out these revolutionary new tacos.  Personally, I think they are great.  I am not sure if it is the dorito shell that makes it great as much as I feel like they have started putting more taco bell "beef" in the tacos, which is the big difference I notice, though it has been a while since I have had a regular taco hut taco.     Maybe next time we can buy one of each and see what happens.   For this experiment we recruited two grog favorites, Derek, from A Moment with Derek fame, and grog regular Shannon to tell us what they think of these alleged revolutionary tacos.      Jump it!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

JB's Corner Episode 4: Leviticus v Matthew

After a much needed vacation, JB returns to his corner to discuss his most recent conversation with grog favorite, Jason, which left both groggers disagreeing on whatever it was they were discussing...   something to do with the bible and how it may or may not promote discrimination against homosexuals.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Moment With Derek Ep 4

At last!  The lost episode of MwD has been located by one of our many grog interns (seriously guys, having interns is great!).  So you can all stop with the hate mails.....

What is on Dereks mind this week (filmed 2 weeks ago or so actually) well let us find out,  together!   After the jump!

Groggy Art - Melina of IUSB

Every now and then the grog comes across an artist that we feel we have to expose to the world, and this week (or month/year) we have come across one of Michiana's finest up-and-comer artists (painter to be specific) and she was nice enough to give us a sneak peak at a few of her choice pieces.

After the grump....  urrr jump...

Site (grog) News

I apologize for the lack of activity as of late, this was mainly due to the end of semester crunch (berry) and probably other stuff,   but hey,   we are back and hope to become active once again with all your favorites like....   Derek....   and JB.....    oh yeah and LJ is in Europe and we let her take the smaller grog cam so she can document her various misadventures.  

But yeah....    we are back!