Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christina Rica

For spring break (yeeeeeaaah!!!!!!) the grogs own Christina Christinson spent a week or so in the exotic Mexican country of Costa Rica.  If you did not know (why would you?)  Costa Rica is a fairly small country, only a little over 100 miles east-west sharing a border with both the Pacific and the Atlantic...  and that is all i got really...  oh yeah, they do not have a military (save for a national police force type thing) which is interesting.  They do seem to enjoy a higher level of stability compared to her more troubled neighbor Nicaragua, but I feel like central America went out of style some time in the 90s and the middle-east is all the rage these days....

But any whos....    Christina was hip enough to record some of her adventures for the grog!!   Thanks Christina!   We are lucky to have you on the team!    The grog team!  Team Grog!   omg i should make t-shirts!

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