Monday, April 16, 2012

Ran into Some OccuPals

Despite the first line in the video what you are seeing is not a rally but rather just a few of the Occupals that I happened to run into in front of the Morris Theatre (I think that is the name).  Turns out the rally is in the future, the first week of May...       well these guys will explain it....   after the jump...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Talking grog Baby

Christina Rica

For spring break (yeeeeeaaah!!!!!!) the grogs own Christina Christinson spent a week or so in the exotic Mexican country of Costa Rica.  If you did not know (why would you?)  Costa Rica is a fairly small country, only a little over 100 miles east-west sharing a border with both the Pacific and the Atlantic...  and that is all i got really...  oh yeah, they do not have a military (save for a national police force type thing) which is interesting.  They do seem to enjoy a higher level of stability compared to her more troubled neighbor Nicaragua, but I feel like central America went out of style some time in the 90s and the middle-east is all the rage these days....

But any whos....    Christina was hip enough to record some of her adventures for the grog!!   Thanks Christina!   We are lucky to have you on the team!    The grog team!  Team Grog!   omg i should make t-shirts!

Christine(a) Returns!

A Moment with Derek Pt 1

Grog new-comer, Derek, has impressed the grogosphere so much that we have decided to give him his own segment.  
Today our newest grogger talks about his feelings on hate crimes laws or something like that?
Find out after the jump!

Hey Guys It's Eric!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Passover From the Grog!

My family and myself are heading to southern Indiana to spend time with my lovely family on the old farm!     Then I got not ..... but two big research papers to write the shoot out of when I return

Paper 1:  The Cherokee Nation:  Survival in a New World (the white mans world)

Paper 2:  Chile and Globalization....

Hopefully I can think of better titles... also better papers....

Good news is I have my camera back!!!!

Grog on groggaz !