Sunday, March 18, 2012

JB's Corner Episode 3: Jesus and Becoming Christian

JB and I recorded a video about a month ago when JB was recalling how he was converted to the Christian Faith (I think it was Baptist) and a JB's Corner was born!

The penitent thief hanging on the cross next to Jesus was likely more beast than man. At a time when only the priests were educated, he lived a life of total illiteracy. Imagine how little you would know about everything if you could not read. You wouldn’t know about history, politics, science, other religions, NOTHING. You would have little to no capacity for critical thinking as these faculties take exposure time and effort to develop. Having to steal to survive in a desert outpost on the very margins of the Roman Empire, you can bet he lived a very barbaric life. He likely had no formulation of right and wrong, and likely relied more upon his survival instincts than reason. He met Jesus for the 1st time as he was being executed under extreme mental and physical torture. Why is pain and torture a staple of the world’s intelligence agencies throughout history? Because pain will get it inflictor to say and do things they would never say or do otherwise. Anything to assuage the pain is an option…including “salvation.” It is in this state of utter ignorance and utmost agony where Christianity records its first convert. He acknowledged that Jesus was God, and at that very moment, all time in his life preceding it, he was condemned not only to a brutal death by crucifixion by the decree of man, but also to a perpetual torment in everlasting hell by the decree of the almighty God –a God that loved him so much as to allow him to be born into a world where he would be the lowest of the low. He was the condemned outcast of a suppressed desert cult, illiterate, perpetually hungry, and now slowly dying by way of one of the most excruciating forms of torturous death imaginable.
My conversion is not quite that interesting nor is it that dramatic but I wish to tell it nonetheless." After the jump...

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