Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby's First Day @ ze Park!

Today, March 14 2012, little baby Augustus met up with his BFF at some park in Mishawaka (Battel i think?) and did baby stuff (sat in stroller , baby swing, & checked out chics because it was 80 degrees and like Augustus always says, higher the temp, the less the cloths chics wear)  

My journey (Al) for a good HD camera continues and tomorrow i will email my beloved XR7 back to Bens Electonics (who are/is awesome btw) and he might be able to fix the problem (fireport on cam is dead so i can not transfer to edit without using another camera, a camera that can also handle HD).   Problem is I promised the the mayor of New Carlisle that I would grog the big Maple Syrup festival this weekend....   eh... ill figure it out......   More baby pics after the jump...

Augustus bff, Quest. 

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