Friday, February 3, 2012

History Club Presents: Trivia Night!

The controversial History Club of IUSB "kicked" off the new semester with a Pizza/Trivia night.  I really like the idea of a History Club but I feel like we do not do things like this enough, but there is probably a reason for it that I am unaware of, being a junior officer does not afford much access to the dark secrets of the club.

I can not remember even one question from the trivia, but it is not what you think.  Each team/everyone (yeah they had 4 player teams) would get 30 seconds to answer the question presented.  To let everyone know when the 30 seconds was up, I would stop the music, the music that I would start playing once the question was asked.

That was my job for the trivia, to play / stop music.  I was so focused on trying to find something cool to play that I paid no mind to the trivia questions..         and I was talking so much poop about how good I was going to do....    oh well next time...

The Leader

The Doctor...   Willig
That girl who does not like me

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