Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union

Last night, our current president gave the annual state of the union, but we at the grog our much less interested in what our alleged president has to say about the current state of our union than we are about normal everyday folk like yall (those reading the grog, whom I consider to be the only REAL Americans out there).  Special thanks to the IUSB Political Science Club for allowing the grog access to their event  :).

So the grog crew attended a viewing of the presidents speech to ask IUSB students what THEY thought the state of the union is, and the responses might just surprise you!    After the jump!
JB gives his State of the Union:

Various other IUSB students give their State of the Union

Please check out Americans Elects website    Thanks guys!  Been a busy week and I am deeply sorry about that.     But i shall not give up!

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