Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prisoner Artwork for the Famlies of Inmates. grog

The other day I went to the Café Madelina where a mate of mine works.  She has some health problems and is also very tiny (like 56 inches).  Since she is an American and this is 2011, going to the doctor without insurance of any kind is quite difficult and this leads to folks going untreated until they are forced to go to the hospital, maybe even in an ambulance (which cost a fortune as well to use).  So that person has no health insurance and they have an astronomical bill for the life saving services given to him/her.   So who pays the bill?  The almost dead guy/gal does not have the money?  I guess it is the tax payers who have to pay for it?     But I dunno, I am not a scientician.        

Sure does stink though that so many people are unable to have health insurance.
But yeah so I met me mate at the Café because about a year ago, one of me mates BFFs, Robert Black, decided to get together with a bunch of this girl's friends and started the Little Jessi Foundation, which is some kind of healthcare fund thingy for her so she could see the doctor and get the treatment (the healthcare kind) she desperately needed.  So far I here the LJF is modestly succesful and Little Jessi's health has vastly improved as a result of the generous donations of so many nice folk.

Well this post was really not intended to be a pro-free healthcare thing, but I met up with Little Jessi and she told me that she was helping out at this art show later that night (12.05.2011) and she wanted me to come (for some reason).  Since I was going to be in South Bend at that time anyway I swallowed my fear of going to places where there are people and uncharacteristically showed up and even met some very nice folks.

Turns out this art show (which was at a fancy jazz bar called Trios in downtown South Bend) featured artwork made by prison inmates and the proceeds (from the silent auction of the artwork) go to help the families of inmates in various ways.      Let Little Jessi explain it...     after the JUMP!

The very nice St. Helena(today is her birthday! Happy birthday!) and some schmuck

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