Thursday, December 22, 2011

Innocent Grandmother Brutally ejected from University Park Mall

On Tuesday, a very nice, sweet grandmother was at University Park Mall in Mishawaka Indiana.  She was in the food court waiting for her grandson to arrive.  It had been three years since this lovely grandmother had seen her beloved grandson, and finally, after all those years the two were going to reunite, and just in time for christmas!     But some employees of University Park Mall did not want the reunion to be a happy one....  and well... they may have succeeded...     More story and video of the event after the jump...

When the two finally met up (at the food court) the grandmother became so over joyed that she decided she would take pictures of her grandson so she could remember this happy moment forever.

But it was not to be...    shortly after she took a photograph of her grandson whom she loved so dearly and was so happy to finally be with him.  Grandparents are really important.  A lot of folk do not even get to ever meet their grandparents so it is really special when we do have a chance to get to meet them, to get to know them...      its really something you know?    :'(

Anyways after the first photograph was taken a mall cop came to the nice grandmother and told her that if she took another photograph she would be in a lot of trouble.

The grandmother, thinking that the mall cops were just playing a xmas fun jokes with her, smiled at the mall cop and continued taking photographs of her grandson home she loved so much and wanted to finally spoil him like she always wanted to but never had the chance because she was away, and that is when things got ugly...

The grandmother was physically removed from University Park Mall, dragged if you will, to the parking lot, leaving behind her grandson to god knows what fate.     And what fate lies with the poor grandmother?   Has anyone even heard from her since this happened?    A bunch of savages in this town....      here at the grog we decided to make a very accurate recreation of the events so the viewer understands just how awful this is......

WNDU Story

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  1. I just discovered today that the grandmother passed away last night at roughly 10PM. The grandson is alive but in "serious condition".

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the grandmother and we hope the grandson is able to recover and live a full life, like his grandmother would have wanted.

    -the grog