Monday, December 12, 2011

the grog goes to The Olive Garden

FUN FACT:  When the Mishawaka, Indiana Olive Garden opened in the early 1990s, there was a big grand opening party and Milli Vanilli performed.

Here at the grog we try not to spend much time talking about ourselves.  We are fairly boring people and it would not be very interesting, but the other week grog regular JB somehow got a hold of 100$ in Olive Garden Fun Money.

I only know JB professionally as we both work very hard doing research and some times driving places and recording stuff together.  One time when her and I were driving somewhere in Indiana and it was night time.  We had spent most of the day in a small town (500 or so population) where they have a famous (locally i guess) birdhouse expo type thing.  I will not go into details about the birdhouse expo (it was at the towns civic center, which was actually quite nice), it was pretty much what you would expect a birdhouse expo to be like....       So where was I?.... oh right.   We were driving home and it was like 1am and we both agreed to go to the next taco hut we came across (I only eat taco hut when the sun is down).  We eventually found one, got our tacos, and I made a joke/comment about a tomato pickers strike (the pickers striking worked for a company that supplied taco huts tomatoes, or taco hut owned it...   I am not sure), and so we talked about how pathetic we were for sympathizing with the exploited pickers while we were eating taco hut.

And that was probably the most her and I bonded.  Her (JB) and I (RB/Robert Black) are very different folk and come from very different backgrounds.  She is a very liberal minded, worldly, compassionate, and comes from what you could call a neo-aristocratic type family.  They are always up to some kind of random charity thing.  JB runs or is a part of a few non-profits, I have asked her a few times if I could help out but she always has some kind of nice way of saying that having me involved would make the non-profit look bad.

So yeah, JB, she is really something and the grog is really lucky to have her on board.  As for myself, I am alright I guess.  Meh,  I am very meh.  ok so anyways...       For doing something for somebody (she helped raise a bunch of money for some charity that helps people who need help) she got a 100$ Olive Garden Fun Money (ok so it was a 100$ gift card for Olive Garden), and out of nowhere she invited me to go eat at Olive Garden with her and that she was paying!

So yeah,  JB and I got to eat at South Bend's (or Mishawaka really) finest 5 star restaurant (I looked it up and the Olive Garden is the ONLY 5 star restaurant in Mishawaka) and it went down in my top 5 (at least) best meals of my life.  It is not everyday that this grogger gets to eat fine dining.  Taco Hut is about the nicest restaurant that this grogger goes to (and I am darn proud of it!  USA#1!!).  But nonetheless,   thank you JB, I owe you quite a lot for that one! :)!

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