Monday, December 5, 2011

Follow the String

Another Big Orange production (sorry).
I am not sure if I ever even gave this short a title.  I guess we can call it “The Long String”.  How does that sound?   Basically I think this short is metaphorical to the way in which we in the USA strive so hard to follow an impossible dream that offers empty promises that leave you with nothing.  I guess what I was trying to say is, there are many paths to find what we want, but we often ignore logic and blindly choose the path that has been hammered in our heads to be considered the “correct path”.  Also abortion, this short is also a political statement about women’s reproductive rights.

The story of The Long String follows a man who is literally following a long string.  He believes, nay, he knows what is going to be at the end of the string.  But what would happen if he reached the strings end and he discovers that he was wrong? How can he be wrong when he knew what was at the end in the beginning?

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