Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Big Orange Presents: Deadly Fruit

First movie I made in college on an old timey camera. A lot of metaphors/poetry (film school style!). Also I recorded this via old timey projector --> screen --> my old mni DV camera, so that is why is looks so low rezzy.

We called our troupe of incompetent film makers The Big Orange, which we got from a big tapestry type thing that Big Orange member Luke had draped over a door-less closet thing.

The film is about two BFFs who are enjoying a nice summer day on a park bench (in a park I guess?). These two friends both have an inappropriate/unusual love for their respective fruit of choice.

As time passes clouds begin to descend on the hearts of the two BFFs as they grow jealous and bicker over who truly loves his fruit of choice.  The argument escalates and it changes the the lives of the two BFFs forever.

film after the jump.

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