Saturday, December 24, 2011

Steven Seagal Sings Reggae

This may be old but just in case you missed it...    Under Siege 2:  Dark Territory. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Innocent Grandmother Brutally ejected from University Park Mall

On Tuesday, a very nice, sweet grandmother was at University Park Mall in Mishawaka Indiana.  She was in the food court waiting for her grandson to arrive.  It had been three years since this lovely grandmother had seen her beloved grandson, and finally, after all those years the two were going to reunite, and just in time for christmas!     But some employees of University Park Mall did not want the reunion to be a happy one....  and well... they may have succeeded...     More story and video of the event after the jump...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Bath and Kitten Grog

Kittens and babies have a lot in common, for one, they both LOVE baths!  I can not think of anything else right now but I am sure they have a lot more in common.  Watch and see how much baby Augustus loves his baby bath and how kittens enhance images after the jump!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We are moving!

We have our own domain now      now i just gotta figure out how to move everything correctly.... 

Monday, December 12, 2011

A grogger is born.

Check out our sponsors so I can put food on my baby

Our longtime grogger / editor, Al and his "special lady friend" had their first child together last Wednesday, the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor (which is really awesome, because now they get two celebrate two great events).

The named their baby (boy I believe) Augustus after Als papa (I think?)   Hmmm...  so yeah I guess I do not have that much info on Als personal life, nor do I want it (info)...   but here are some pics he sent me...

the grog goes to The Olive Garden

FUN FACT:  When the Mishawaka, Indiana Olive Garden opened in the early 1990s, there was a big grand opening party and Milli Vanilli performed.

Here at the grog we try not to spend much time talking about ourselves.  We are fairly boring people and it would not be very interesting, but the other week grog regular JB somehow got a hold of 100$ in Olive Garden Fun Money.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Grog in the Water: A Scientific Bottled Water Taste Test. 3

For this third installment of the grog water taste testing series, JB suggested we do one with sparkling water.   Strange idea, but hey, this is the grog after all.

My first experience with sparkling water was when I went to Belgium in 1999.  I was at a cafe and I asked for a water, and he replied "sparkling or still?"  or "bubbles or still?".  Still water sounded pretty lame so I went with the sparkling, and to my horror I discovered that sparkling water is what I would have called at the time, soda water.

I have not seen any research on this but I am willing to be that the consumption of sparkling water in Europe is astronomical, while in the great USA it is almost unheard of.

But JB being the super worldly guy that he is, he prefers sparkling.  Unfortunately, JB and his lover/veteran grogger had to depart from the grog party early.  So we only had one person left in our grog group who actually prefers sparkling water, and that of course is Christina, also super worldly and hip.

Next time we are thinking about doing a beer taste test which sounds like fun, so there is that to look forward to!   But for now,   find out who won best sparkling water in the grogaverse after the jump...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

be finding different versions of "Luke's Odyssey"

This one is real short and mostly just leads up to the faithful event.  Need to find something going on this town, but it is also finals week and that sucks.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Luke's Odyssey: 2.3 Year Anniversary Extended Edition

The new dvd comes with over 100+ hours of unseen footage, behind the scene look at the makeup, commentary by Luke's little brother, Wes, and much more!
Please watch this video after the jump!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prisoner Artwork for the Famlies of Inmates. grog

The other day I went to the Café Madelina where a mate of mine works.  She has some health problems and is also very tiny (like 56 inches).  Since she is an American and this is 2011, going to the doctor without insurance of any kind is quite difficult and this leads to folks going untreated until they are forced to go to the hospital, maybe even in an ambulance (which cost a fortune as well to use).  So that person has no health insurance and they have an astronomical bill for the life saving services given to him/her.   So who pays the bill?  The almost dead guy/gal does not have the money?  I guess it is the tax payers who have to pay for it?     But I dunno, I am not a scientician.        

Sure does stink though that so many people are unable to have health insurance.
But yeah so I met me mate at the Café because about a year ago, one of me mates BFFs, Robert Black, decided to get together with a bunch of this girl's friends and started the Little Jessi Foundation, which is some kind of healthcare fund thingy for her so she could see the doctor and get the treatment (the healthcare kind) she desperately needed.  So far I here the LJF is modestly succesful and Little Jessi's health has vastly improved as a result of the generous donations of so many nice folk.

Well this post was really not intended to be a pro-free healthcare thing, but I met up with Little Jessi and she told me that she was helping out at this art show later that night (12.05.2011) and she wanted me to come (for some reason).  Since I was going to be in South Bend at that time anyway I swallowed my fear of going to places where there are people and uncharacteristically showed up and even met some very nice folks.

Turns out this art show (which was at a fancy jazz bar called Trios in downtown South Bend) featured artwork made by prison inmates and the proceeds (from the silent auction of the artwork) go to help the families of inmates in various ways.      Let Little Jessi explain it...     after the JUMP!

The Big Orange Presents: Deadly Fruit

First movie I made in college on an old timey camera. A lot of metaphors/poetry (film school style!). Also I recorded this via old timey projector --> screen --> my old mni DV camera, so that is why is looks so low rezzy.

We called our troupe of incompetent film makers The Big Orange, which we got from a big tapestry type thing that Big Orange member Luke had draped over a door-less closet thing.

The film is about two BFFs who are enjoying a nice summer day on a park bench (in a park I guess?). These two friends both have an inappropriate/unusual love for their respective fruit of choice.

As time passes clouds begin to descend on the hearts of the two BFFs as they grow jealous and bicker over who truly loves his fruit of choice.  The argument escalates and it changes the the lives of the two BFFs forever.

film after the jump.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Follow the String

Another Big Orange production (sorry).
I am not sure if I ever even gave this short a title.  I guess we can call it “The Long String”.  How does that sound?   Basically I think this short is metaphorical to the way in which we in the USA strive so hard to follow an impossible dream that offers empty promises that leave you with nothing.  I guess what I was trying to say is, there are many paths to find what we want, but we often ignore logic and blindly choose the path that has been hammered in our heads to be considered the “correct path”.  Also abortion, this short is also a political statement about women’s reproductive rights.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

grog party was fun / Sean v Charles short

The last grog party of 2011 was a mild success!   The water taste testing produced results that none of us were expecting but making that video will take a while since it is finals time in school...     but I do have this video from 2005 I made for a mate for his class (no idea what kind of class this could possibly be for).        

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Baron and Me (Short Film)

Here is yet another short student film the groggers and I made in circa 2005.  Super low rez.  I found the DVD with some of the high rez versions but as of now I do not know how to extract them.  This particular film stars Robert Black, Luke Merrilson, Zachory Mkelevy, Chad, and long time grog alumni Anthony Wrightwood. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Follow the grog

The grog needs followers and commentators.     Please,  take a minute and sign up and you will be entered into a raffle to win a t-shirt autographed by Robert Black!

The Rough Cut of the Luke Doc

I have no idea what happened to my Fine Cuts,  I am guessing they are on a DVD somewhere in my cluttered closet,   but oh well...    here is the rough lowrez cut of the Luke Story.