Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tea Party Grog

These guys seem like reasonable folk.  They sort of remind me of the Boston Tea Party episode that occurred in 1773.  You see, the British has a monopoly on tea in the American colonies, and they were beginning to more strictly enforce it.  This was bad news for the many smugglers who made a lot of money buying cheaper tea from the likes of the Dutch and whoever else.  To protest this injustice, the American agitators agreed to boycott English tea, and to make sure that everyone kept their word, sometimes drastic action had to be taken.  Sort of like dumping English tea into the ocean so it can not make its way to the American consumers.   Yeah I can see how these people were inspired by that.   Also I am probably wrong.   Veronika can you help me out here?   Your American history knowledge is far superior to mine.    Grog video after the jump

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