Sunday, November 13, 2011

Planned Parenthood of Indiana Speaks for the grog / IUSB

Last Wednesday night some person from Planned Parenthood of Indiana came to give the grog / IUSB an exclusive uhh talking to.  The person spoke for about an hour about various Planned Parenthood related things, mostly related to the relentless attacks of those who wish to see legal abortion come to an end.  I was not able to make it to the talk since I had important grog related business across town so our grog intern filmed the whole thing and was also instructed to produce an edited grog video for us, but it turns out the intern, Greg, does not know how to edit videos, so we are just going to post the raw unedited tape since I think that would be a fairer way of letting the groggers choose which side they wish to pick in the upcoming war.

Now here at the grog I have never been shy about our mostly christian leading opinions, but we want to be as objective as much as we can since we know we have an important mission here at the grog, to make everything as silly as possible, no matter how serious the subject may be!  That is the grog promise!   Video after jumping linking. 

and George Carlin

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