Sunday, November 6, 2011

Groggy Protest: Occupy South Bend 2.0

The Occupy South Bend movement is alive and well and showed up in force last Saturday (11.05.2011) after a bit of a dry spell.  I think it is becoming clear to the OSB folk that physically occupying the park in front of the Morris is not very effective and are now thinking of better ways to get their point across...

Good luck guys,  I can not think of any better way to get your message across.  This one time though, when I was living in Chicago, I was driving south on the Dan Ryan (or whatever it may be called at that point) and I happened to notice a fiery blob on one of the pedestrian bridges crossing the freeway.  Later on I learned that the fireball I saw was actually some guy who lit himself on fire in protest of the Iraq War (I think that was what he was protesting).  He was no monk or anything though, I believe he had quite a history of extreme mental illness and unfortunately, no one payed attention.  It felt it bit strange that no one really seemed to care or much acknowledge this event, I guess Chicago folk are pretty used to people being set on fire.   I wonder if people would have payed more attention to him if he was a more sane and respected person.  At the time I felt in my head that the Iraq war was totally inevitable and no amount of protesting was going to stop it, but I am also pessimistic and cranky...    so prove me wrong kids...   prove me wrong!   

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