Friday, November 4, 2011

1st Annual Taco-Mania Grog Fest


Many years ago my friends and I had a tradition of taco night basically every other weekend, and it was great.  Unfortunately after America began crumbling before us, taco nights starting to become very rare and eventually disapeared all together.  I can not even remember the last taco night I attended.

So many memories...    like the time we some weird chili salad thing (?) which was full of various spicy peppers (serranos, Jalapeños, habaneros, basically whatever we could find, maybe even some sweet peppers).  But our bad-luck comrade, Charlie, walked through the door in the midst of all of the taco preparations.

Charlie immediately walked into the kitchen and his eye caught the bowl of assorted chopped peppers.  He grabs a hand-full and munches them down like they were almonds or something.  A few moments later, his eyes began to reveal a sense of horror dawning on our hero.  Seconds later the tearing began and Charlie now knew what was in store for him. 

As luck would have it, he also had to use the restroom.  Now, even if you washed your hands before you urinated, your hands touching your urine hose are still going to cause burning.  Charlie did not wash his hands...     Good times....      You better show up tonight you dick.


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  1. That was only one story of many involving young charles' burnt urethra. Another time, he fell into a fire, "head" first, while trying to extinguish it with his urine.