Monday, October 31, 2011

Sean Hannity Breaks his Legendary Silence

Two Worlds...   For the record, i do not think you guys are racist/anti-Semitic/violent or whatever.

I am not trying to convey any kind of political message with this video.  I just wanted to do a side by side of the seemingly polar opposite angry(many justified I am sure) political groups.  My favorite folks, the Occupy South Bender, and the sometimes frightening Tea Party Folk.   

If anyone could point me out to some good Tea Party video, particularly ones that criticize the Occupy Folk (if such a thing exists).     Thanks for watching groggers!   Video Below

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Groggy Terrorism: Man Firebombs Taco Bell

We have all been there... probably.   It is 3am, you got the munchies (or whatever) and you have nothing that sounds good at home...   What do you do?  McDonald's does not start selling breakfast stuff until 5am...   Taco Bell sound good?  No?  Well you go anyway only to discover when you get home that your triple stack beef chulupa DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH MEEEEAT!  Most of us would pout a little bit and continue eating the horrible tasting Mexican themed fast food, but one brave soul was so infuriated that he decided to take the law into his own hands.   This summer...  Steven Sea-Gal is HUNGRY FOR JUSTICE! 

This post is dedicated to all the fast-food workers of North Amerika.  You guys deserve a raise! 

Grog Netflix Picks

Did you know that netflix takes 32.7% of all (American I am guessing) internet bandwidth?  Back when I was a younger 20s starving artist, pornography took up 80% of all (American I guess) bandwidth!   I wonder what the porn number would be now?  My guess is internet gaming takes up a huge chunk of bandwidth these days which is great, I just wish I was younger so I could enjoy playing video games again....      But yeah I got no grog news so here is another winner from the Grog Netflix Picks list:  Strange Power, a documentary that follows Indie Rock sensation The Magnetic Fields front-man and writer, Stephen Merritt, as he... i dunno, does stuff.    ENJOY!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I stopped by downtown South Bend (Indiana) today to see how the great Occupy South Bend thing was going two weeks (plus 1 day) after we initially made contact.  Despite the week long horrible weather we experienced here the protesters have built a camp outside of the Grand Morris Civic Auditorium and plan to stay until ALL of there demands are made, so we can expect them to become a familiar site in the coming years, that is, if they make it.  I was told today of at least one causality from exposure, may her soul rest in piece. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nothing new to report really...

Busy week..... 

But I saw that the Occupy folk are still active and are now camped out in front of the great Morris theater in South Bend Indiana (a bold political statement I think) but no one at grog HQ has had any time to go visit them since the 5th (of October, when the world stopped).   But we will do our best to get down there sometime after tomorrow (Wednesday) since tomorrow is the day MY school week ends. 

Hopefully the Occupy folk have wised up to D.Cs dirty game and have armed themselves with hilarious pies.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Groggy Protest: Abortion Clinics and the Grog. Wait what?

So I hear about this crazy (maybe I just added that part myself) protest going on at our local abortion clinic.  What I found was most discomforting, just a few folks who were all nice and polite and NO PIES to speak of.  I am not a big fan of these no-pie protests.  How does one expect to be heard or taken seriously without some pie throwing action?!?!   ugh groggy video after the jumping.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grog Netflix Instant Picks


Norwegian Blair Witch (but a lot more entertaining) style mockumentary of some college kids following around a guy working for the state, managing the secret troll population that exists in most of Scandinavia.  

Groggy Protest: Occupy South Bend Part 4

Day five of Occupy South Bend, and a higher number of days for the Occupy Wall Street.  But sadly... still the same 10.08.2011 footage.  This time one of South Bends greatest living citizens (or Mishawaka) Dana and the grogs own JB face off in a brutal death/cage match with "some guy".

It was very brutal and gory (and sexy) but in the end I believe "some guy" came out on top with his double DDT on Dana/JB    RIP

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Groggy Protest: Occupy South Bend Part 3

Another day, another grog video from the Occupy South Bend thing that happened last Saturday (and is continuing right now I hear).

The following is just some b-roll of some guy arguing with the crowd about the benefits of corporations or something, and then, without warning, Bryan walks by.  More footage of corporate guy later.  Video after the jump...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Groggy Protest: Occupy South Bend Part 2

Grog HQ was finally able to put together a short video snapshot of the Occupy South Bend gathering last Saturday.  From what I hear, the occupation (of downtown South Bend) will continue until all or most of the demands are made!!

I am thinking I may start posting individual interviews with the various folk we met.   Video after the jump.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grog in the Water: A Scientific Bottled Water Taste Test.

Genesis and Clinton were outside roasting radishes in/on our little fire pit thingy.  One of them, I will not say who, started going on about so and so bottled water being the absolute best and all others (bottled water brands) to be garbage, worthy only to the lowest forms of human life.

Shortly after the statement about the water, a heated argument broke out between the two former allies.  To quell the almost violent dispute, JB came up with the idea of a blind taste test...    In the end, no one was happy, in fact, everyone felt worse than before.      Sucks...           Video after the jump.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Groggy Protest: Occupy South Bend

To show solidarity with their New Yorker compatriots, South Bend folks took to the street(s) and did what folks typically do at protests... well the boring ones anyway.

Our resident political grogger JB was on hand to explain to all the sheeple (You and I,      especially... I). Not quite sure why he has not ran for mayor yet so he can clean up this crime ridden town, and all the other stuff that people are upset about (the whole, country going gone to crap thing).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Grog Netflix Picks

The Wild Hunt. Canadian Indie movie, did great in the festival circuits but never got a wide release. Good watchin. Unless you do not like it, then... sorry.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grog Investigation: KKK Sign outside some guys yard... Gate.

In light of the recent uproar about the local Elkhart man who posted a KKK themed sign in his year, I have decided to head out that way and see what I could find out about the man who decided to do this... Seems like a friendly enough guy.... but here it goes. The interview was cut down significantly since we just chatted for a bit but I included all the relevant parts. I would very much like to return with better video/audio equipment to get his (and neighbors) story in greater detail, and the man seemed perfectly ok with that. I also included some pictures of the neighborhood where this cat lives.