Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Return of the Grog

Geez, it has been something like a month since I last posted on this sad grog.....

A few weeks ago I spilled a bunch of milk all over my laptop, thus severing my ability to do grog stuff, but I was lucky enough to have my laptop fixed, free of charge, i guess due to the warranty.  Though I have lost everything on this computer, I consider myself very fortunate to have a computer at all.

I lost all my photos and video of the European Grog Tour, i think, for the most part, i have uploaded them to my photobucket account.

So no worries, I am happy to have this awesome laptop back that my super special lady friend was nice enough to purchase for me on her Best Buy card (I am paying her back, but still, I would not have this computer at all if not for her!)  

Other than that..... I got school to look forward to....   only like a month to go!

Also I hope Cedrik, Yngve, and Ishan are still out there.... some where.... 

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