Sunday, August 14, 2011

Groggy Movies: Logan

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Logan is a 11 year old kid, but he is not your typical 11 year old kid, see, Logan wants to do something, something a little, well, crazy, Logan wants to make a movie.

After Logan sees the hit movie, The Job III, he is inspired to write a script and make a movie out of it. You see, inside all of lies a dream and all we need is someone who believes in him (us). Has a 11 year old ever made a movie? Probably not. Logan has a brother, and everyone likes him, but no one likes Logan, because he sucks and can not do anything cool, but Boo Boo Stewart tells him that he is not alone and that there is always someone there for him. His brothers girlfriend calls him a fag so his brother tells Logan that his script sucks and that he sucks....

Will Logan make his movie? Will he ever give up on his dreams? Will his brother trick girl into intercourse? Will the orchestras play alongside the build up to climax? Will Boo Boo Stewarts career take off? Find out in this exciting, award winning film!!

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