Saturday, May 21, 2011

What planet are you from Mr. President?

Pre-67 borders? The Israelis did not conquer those territories because they were land hungry, they were sick of getting shot at! There are still bullet wholes on buildings facing the old city of Jerusalem when the then Jordanians (pre-67 the West Bank/East Jerusalem was Jordanian territory) would take shots and any unlucky Jew who happened to be walking in site of the old city walls. Did the Jews fire mortars (placed on hospitals/orphanages/schools) ? No. Just as the armies of 3 Arab nations (and their other Arab allies minus Lebanon) were mobilizing and preparing to invade/destroy Israel, the Jews took back the initiative and struck them first in a lightning blitz that was so successful that the war was over in 6 days!

Little tiny Israel managed to completely annihilate the large alliance of Arab states using crappy French arms and now America (President anyway) wants them to hand it back? Is he really that out of touch with reality?

My guess is probably...

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